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Assistance and Scholarships

As a student of the Opole University of Technology, you are entitled to receive financial assistance. There are also other forms of assistance that you can count on. There is a Psychological Assistance Center (Centrum Pomocy Psychologicznej ) at the university, offering free, fully discreet support. All you need to do is to  register by sending an e-mail to get professional help.

The OUTech also has the Disabled Persons Support Office (Biuro Wsparcia Osób Niepełnosprawnych) which reacts on an ongoing basis to reported needs and arising suggestions. For example,  so far, devices such as inductophonic loops, library scanners, wheelchairs, or Face Controller (a computer controlled by user’s mimicry) have been purchased.

Our students can also count on financial support – under the scholarship system that Opole University of Technology offers to its students, candidates admitted to the first year of studies may apply for the following benefits:

  • social assistance (stypendium socjalne ) In the current academic year, the amount of that financial assistance may not exceed PLN 1,450, but also should not be less than PLN 800; in special cases, the amount may be increased by PLN 250;
  • financial assistance for people with disabilities (depending on the degree of disability PLN 400-600);
  • an allowance (PLN 1,500);
  • Rector’s scholarship which in the current academic year amounts to PLN 400-800. Eligible are students of the first year of second-cycle studies and students admitted to the first year of studies in the year of submitting the matriculation examination, who are: i) winners of the international Olympiad or ii) laureates or finalists of the Olympiad of the national level, referred to in the regulations on the education system or iii) medalists of sports competition for at least the title of the Polish Champion in a given sport, referred to in the regulations on sport.