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Recruitment to the Opole University of Technology is underway

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Enrollment process step by step

Step 1.

Create an account in the online candidate registration system IRK available on the enrollment  website of the Opole University of Technology. After creating an account, your personal login and password will be generated.

Step 2.

Log in to the IRK registration system and select a field of study. After selecting the field of study, your individual bank account number will be generated, to which the enrollment fee should be paid.

When registering for the second-cycle studies, check whether the field of study you completed in the first cycle entitles you to recruit for the selected field of second-cycle study. You can do this by browsing the CATALOG OF STUDY FIELDS QUALIFYING FOR SECOND CYCLE STUDIES, located on the recruitment website

Step 3.

Payment of the enrollment fee.

The enrollment fee is paid for each selected field of study to an individual account number generated by the IRK system (this number is different for each candidate). The fee is not refundable. Due to the fact that the time from issuing the transfer order to receiving the money on the account of the Opole University of Technology is sometimes several days (it depends on the place and method of payment), it is worthwhile effectuating  the payment a few days prior to the deadline for completing electronic registration.

Step 4.

After making the payment to the IRK program, the grades (‘previous maturity exam’) or percentage points (‘present maturity exam’) obtained in the secondary school-leaving examination should be entered, and in the case of second-cycle studies, the diploma grade should be provided. Also,  the complete set of required documents should be sent in electronic form to the IRK system. (

Step 5.

After completing the electronic registration process, the “qualified” or “not qualified” message will be published in the IRK system by the date specified in the recruitment schedule.

Step 6.

Upon the positive completion of the qualification stage, the Enrollment Committee will grant the status “accepted” on the candidate’s account on the electronic registration system of IRK. The Committee will enter the applicant into the list of students having verified  the submitted documents. At the candidate’s request, the Enrollment Committee issues a certificate of entry on the list of students.