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Gdzie jesteś: Strona główna / Erasmus – study abroad

Erasmus - study abroad

France, Greece, Spain, Malta, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey are just some of the countries where you can go to study within the framework of  the Erasmus program.  If you like the southern slow pace of life, you will definitely enjoy studying in Portugal, Spain and Croatia. If you do not like warmth, and you are looking for harmony, order and perfect organization in your life, we recommend universities in Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland.

Studying at a foreign university is not only about learning a language, but also about independence, a chance for striking international friendships, getting to know other cultures, and gaining valuable experience. Nonetheless, an Erasmus trip is above all an unforgettable adventure, the financing of which will not be a concern, since you will receive a monthly scholarship of 450-550 euro. You do not have to worry about your absence from your home university either –  foreign grades and credits are a staple stage of international education.

The fact that studying abroad can become an unforgettable adventure is best evidenced by greetings and electronic “Erasmus postcards” sent by students who have decided to avail of the opportunity of participating in the program.