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Fields of Studies


Architecture graduates employability prospects lead to design studios, construction installations and supervision as well as to the units of municipal or state administration. Completion of the architecture degree programme enables to be also employed in the sphere of publishing and advertisement graphics as well as art exhibitions. The didactic process enables architecture department students to participate in drawing and painting outdoor plennery sessions in Poland and abroad, in workshops, architectural contests as well as in the activities of student scientific organizations.

Graduates of this faculty work in construction companies, design studios, the building materials industry, state and local administration units related to construction and architecture, construction supervision, or concrete and prefabricated building elements factories. They also have the opportunity to obtain construction licenses authorizing them to design and manage construction works.  Place of conducting most of the scholarly activities: Opole, Katowicka 48


Graduates of administration with a practical profile (specializing in investment service in the economy) will find jobs in government or local government administration offices, in public and private sector units and in enterprises. The studies provide practical knowledge in the field of law, economics and the basics of technology as well as hands-on experience acquired during 6-month internships. The graduate is prepared to perform various organizational tasks, in particular in positions related to the administration of investments in the region.

Economics graduates find employment, among others, in enterprises, financial institutions, institutions of government and local government administration and in business environment organizations. The proposed path of education also enables them to acquire the skills necessary to run a business independently. Depending on the chosen specialization, a student can obtain the knowledge and skills needed, among others to work as an accountant, finance specialist or  company manager.

The dynamic economic environment requires efficient and effective management, as well as skillful responses to changes taking place in the modern market economy. It is from amongst the graduates of the field of management that employees are recruited for managerial positions, middle and senior managers, as well as specialized advisers and consultants. Our graduates are characterized by the ability to adapt to volatile situations and the aptitude  of flexibly in prioritizing  their competences for the development and value growth of various work environments (enterprises, public institutions, business support organizations, own business). Place of conducting most of the scholarly activities: Opole, Luboszycka 7


Graduates of this faculty are employed in various industries and sectors of the economy as designers of control systems as well as drive systems based on microprocessor and computer technology. They also work as specialists in the operation of: control systems and arrangements, drive systems, measurement systems and information systems.

Graduates of this field of study find employment in companies dealing with the construction and production of medical equipment; in state institutions related to health protection; as a medical engineer in the field of designing and creating devices supporting the process of imaging and functional diagnostics and in physiotherapy; in units dealing with the development of modern electronic, material and mechanical technologies supporting living organisms; in companies dealing with the marketing of medical devices, as well as sales representatives in the medical sector.

An IT specialist is not looking for a job. It is a job that is looking for an IT specialist. The graduate may work, among others as: administrator of network and database systems, programmer, designer or tester of IT systems – including web systems and applications for mobile devices. A graduate of computer science also has knowledge of the broadly understood artificial intelligence and data mining. Many graduates set up their own companies, implementing interesting, innovative projects for Polish and foreign enterprises. In the field of Computer Engineering, the education is conducted in English, which additionally develops communication skills important in the IT profession.

The demand for specialists related to the electrical industry is huge. Electrical engineers can work in all branches of the economy:  in designing, constructing, testing, operating devices, electrical installations and systems, as well as use modern information technologies.

An electronics engineer with IT interests is a sought-after and valued specialist. He will find work wherever modern electronic devices integrated with IT systems are produced or used. Such specialists are sought by companies producing electronic equipment that communicates wired or wirelessly with external IT systems. In particular, the skills of a graduate in Electronics and Computer Systems are used in applications of intelligent buildings, factories and cities, medical devices, the automotive industry, automation and robotics, as well as wherever there is a need to collect and process data. In addition, thanks to his skills, he will be a valued engineer during the implementation of The Internet of Things (Internet of Things), 5G, artificial intelligence and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0). After obtaining pedagogical qualifications, he can find employment in vocational and technical education.

A specialist in the field of renewable energy technologies is one of the most promising professions with a technical profile. Currently, renewable energy is one of the most dynamically developing technologies in Poland, the European Union and the world. A graduate of the course can run their own business, manage a small company in the power sector or find employment in companies dealing with design, assembly, distribution, consulting, as well as diagnostics and maintenance of all types of renewable sources of electricity and heat. Place of most classes: Opole, Prószkowska 76, II campus of  OUTech


The quality and safety of food products is becoming increasingly important. Companies are constantly looking for specialists in the field of supervision and implementation of food safety and quality management systems, or employees competent to assess the nutritional status of the body and prepare dishes in accordance with the guidelines of given diets. Graduates of the studies have the necessary knowledge and skills to work as specialists in the field of food processing, preservation, storage and quality control in various departments of the food industry, mass (large) catering establishments, quality control facilities and food analysis laboratories. They are properly prepared to work in engineering posts in enterprises and institutions dealing with food processing, control, food turnover and human nutrition. They can apply computer technology to control technological processes and company management, properly organize production, including the selection of machines and devices, and also carry out economic calculations.

A logistician is one of the few professions that will find employment in almost every company. Well-educated logisticians can work, among other things, in procurement, in planning and controlling the course of production, they can deal with warehouse management or transport. Efficient logistics is needed by both a production company and a wholesaler, retail store, hospital, theater, office, city, etc. If the employer understands the importance of logistics, he sees the need to employ logisticians who will support the achievement of the company’s goals. Graduates of this field of study acquire competences to solve logistic problems using engineering methods and techniques in the field of specialized functions and logistics processes management, logistic systems and processes design, the use of IT systems supporting logistics management, cost, finance and capital management, as well as personnel recruitment and training.

Graduates of this faculty acquire competences both in the field of technical and social sciences, with particular emphasis on management and quality sciences. The curriculum allows you to acquire advanced engineering knowledge, which, combined with managerial qualifications, creates the image of an engineer of the future, which is particularly attractive in the modern labor market. Future production engineers leaving the halls of the Opole University of Technology have great opportunities for professional development and building career paths. Job offers available for them include the posts of: production engineer, process engineer, project engineer, industrial process and systems designer, materials engineer, lean specialist, maintenance engineer, measurement systems engineer, process technologist, sales engineer, quality engineer, manufacturing systems engineer, or production preparation engineer. Graduates also acquire the knowledge necessary to initiate and run their own business in micro and small enterprises, as well as to look for interesting work in design and advisory units, research and development centers as well as administrative and local government institutions, especially in the field of supporting entrepreneurship and innovative processes.


Graduates work in research and development units, administration, design offices and a whole range of enterprises, looking for the best relationships in the system human being -industry-nature. Completion of this field of study also gives you the opportunity to apply for unlimited building qualifications within the installation specialization in the field of heating, ventilation, gas, water and sewage networks, installations and devices. 

Graduates of the faculty find employment in interdisciplinary design teams and reputable advertising offices that provide services both for various industries and in the IT sector. They are prepared for independent design practice, e.g. providing freelance services in the field of design. They can conduct scientific and research work and conduct analyses necessary for the proper troubleshooting and specification of design problems in design. Place of conducting most of the classes: Opole, Mikołajczyka 5, I campus of the OUTech.

Graduates of that field  find employment as designers-constructors, technologists of manufacturing processes. They are also prepared to assume managerial positions dealing with the coordination of  work of project teams or managing industrial and research and development facilities.

In their  professional work, mechatronics specialists deal with highly advanced devices and systems based on modern solutions from various fields of technology. This entails the possibility of working in many industries, i) branches producing elements of mechatronic systems such as drives, sensors, controllers; ii) electromechanical, automotive, household and aviation equipment or v) in the realm medicine.  In a word  – wherever technical devices and automation systems, robotic industrial processes and modern devices of precision mechanics as well as applied mechanics and nanotechnology are used.

A graduate of the course is a specialist in reducing the negative impact of industrial processes on the environment, rational energy management or waste management – shaping and strengthening the relationship with the environment, working in research and development units, administration, design offices and a whole range of enterprises, looking for the best relationships in the system:  human being-industry-nature.


This is an extremely interesting study direction for active people. Our society is more and more clearly recognizing the need for exercise, physical fitness, physical recreation and sport. A graduate of Physical Education – a specialist with comprehensive preparation not only for work at school, but also in the broadly understood recreation and sport, fits perfectly into this trend. The implementation of classes in various forms of fitness, team games, winter and water sports opens for our graduates a wide range of opportunities on the labor market. Choose a career in sport and you will not be bored!

Physiotherapy is a medical profession, and graduates of Physiotherapy occupy a significant place in health care. These are people with highly specialized knowledge in the field of restoring fitness, treating injuries, increasing physical efficiency,  pain relief and improving the quality of life. Thanks to the implementation of a wide range of activities, physiotherapists find work in offices and rehabilitation departments, but also in the Spa and Wellness industry, schools and sports clubs. If you value working with people, you like to help and face challenges, this proposal is for you!

Our graduates will be prepared in the field of physical fitness and physical capacity as well as specialized motor skills (combat sports, means of direct coercion, the use of fire arms, climbing and rope techniques, mountain and water rescue) expanded with the basics of knowledge and skills in the field of engineering and technical sciences and safety sciences, taking into account technological advances and recent developments in science and knowledge. Moreover, the graduates will acquire the competences in the areas of law and politics, psychology and communication (in mother tongue and two foreign languages), logical thinking and decision-making under stress and threat conditions.

The name sounds tempting and it also appears like this in practice: our graduates are unlikely to get stuck in red tape. Nor will they yawn at work, unless when exhausted, by the bonfire crowning a canoeing trip somewhere in the Antipodes. Apart from the organization of travel and the care of its participants, which is directly associated with this field of studies, there is much more to our field of studies. The curriculum includes also  is also health and sightseeing education, free time animation and assistance in biological regeneration and stress reduction. These are mountain trips, skiing and sailing trips, discovering the secrets of nature and culture, gaining new skills and experiences and, above all, great fun. This is an adventure you will be paid for. Place of conducting most of the scholarly activities: Opole, Prószkowska 76, II campus of OUTech.