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Gdzie jesteś: Strona główna / Getting to know Opole

Getting to know Opole

Every fourth inhabitant of Opole is… a student. Opole is a typically academic city, there are two large public universities and two private ones. Students are noticeable everywhere – in charming cafes and pubs, where they often have student  discounts on orders, and in local businesses where, working part time,  they can augment their student budget. Opole is such a cozy  and compact city that you can easily ride across and along it by bike. There are many green areas, clean water reservoirs, where you can rest and where to play sports. Thanks to efficient connections and the proximity to the A4 motorway, you will quickly and efficiently get to Katowice or Wrocław, and during spring weekends you can relax in the nearby Opawskie Mountains.

In Opole you will encounter  many interesting local initiatives, you can choose from the offers of cinemas (including the so called ‘alternative’ ones), theaters, art galleries  and museums. You can also attend a plethora of  concerts – after all, Opole is the musical capital of Poland.