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PO – University friendly for people with disabilities

Opole University of Technology is the best University in the region. It is adjusted to students with different disabilities, involving hearing, vision, motion, and other problems.

The University carries out various activities enabling equalization of differences in access to education for people with disabilities. These activities include improvements for:

hard of hearing and deaf people:

  • all departments are equipped with teleloop systems

blind and partially sighted people:

  • A multimedia post in the General Library
  • Scanners with special software systems in Department Libraries
  • Voiced University websites

people with motor disabilities:

  • Almost all departments are equipped with lifts and toilets adjusted to the needs of disabled people

special equipment rental shop:

  • 5 scanners Plustek OptuBook 3800 with EasyConventer and ABBy Fine Reader software
  • 4 FM Roger MyLink systems
  • 2 voice devices Image Reader with the Lenovo 100SIBY computers
  • 10 talking pocketsize calculators Altix

There are a lot of discounts and rights offered by Opole University of Technology to students with disabilities:

The Vice-Rector responsible for education science

A scholarship for students with disabilities. Every academic year, the Vice-Rector responsible for education science sets the specific amount of scholarship for students with disabilities. The amount of the scholarship finally granted depends on the severity of disability stated in a disability certificate. The scholarship for student with disabilities is granted solely on the basis of the submitted application.


Students with disabilities are served disregarding the order, They are allowed to borrow 15 books for a period of 6 months, They are allowed to authorize another person to borrow library documents on the user behalf

Academic Careers Office

Apprenticeship, placement and employment assistance, The opportunity of participating in training or workshops within the acquisition of social skills which can be useful in their professional pathway, Participating in Career Fairs


The opportunity to go on a study or traineeship abroad, Additional financial support for students with disabilities

The Psychological Support Centre

Support in solving psychological problems appearing in everyday life while studying and problems resulting from different types of addictions.