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Our graduates about us

Zbigniew Bródka

The winner of the Speed Skating World Cup, Olympic champion, graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy

“The Opole University of Technology is a sports-friendly university,
I recommend it.”

Piotr Gacek

Volleyball player, representative of Poland

“I am the world vice-champion and the European champion in volleyball. I was in the libero position. I know how important it is to defend my Master’s Thesis as well. The Opole University of Technology diploma simply defends itself, check it out for yourself.”

mgr inż. Anna Grobelna

A graduate of Management and Production Engineering, currently a Lean Specialist at Polaris Poland

“The Opole University of Technology has opened my eyes to the world and motivated me to develop and fulfill myself. Thanks to the complex knowledge in various areas of Management and Production Engineering, I have found my own professional direction. Continuous improvement of skills requires the support of experts and practitioners – if I am looking for a university in the future, I will definitely choose the Opole University of Technology!”

Paweł Januszewski

Athlete, specializing in 400 m hurdles, European champion from 1998

“As a student of the Opole University of Technology at the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, I had the opportunity to participate in the largest athletics events in the world. Having access to the knowledge gained at the faculty, great lecturers and a motivating atmosphere, I hope that you will also achieve your goals.”

mgr Tomasz Schichta

MA, a graduate of Physical Education

“Thanks to the Opole University of Technology, I am an accomplished teacher and a children coach. I work at the Public Primary School in Ochodze, where I conduct physical education, gymnastics, swimming pool classes, schools sports circle activities, and have recently started teaching children to play chess. In addition, I set up two football schools and a swimming school “Dziesiątka” in Opole for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Working with children gives me great satisfaction, and I keep hiring more staff – trainers, also students to help in working with children.”

Robert Zasina

CEO of TAURON Distribution. graduate of Electrical Engineering

“Opole University of Technology, at that time still the Higher School of Engineering, met my expectations. I was prepared for my profession, I graduated from an electrical technical school, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge. I used many of the issues that I had learned at the university in my professional life. Thanks to the university, its cooperation with the industry, I got a job at Zakład Energetyczny in Opole – it was the result of a student trip to the company’s traffic management in the Opole branch.”