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Gdzie jesteś: Strona główna / Student dormitories

Student dormitories

‘Those who have never lived in a dormitory do not know anything about student life’ – such a statement has been passed on by subsequent generations of students for years. It is known that a lot of student memories were penned by their life in dormitories. It is there that you can experience your first real independence, make unique friendships and gain unique experiences.

The student residences of the Opole University of Technology are located in the close proximity to the first campus in the Armii Krajowej  housing estate.

Commuting  to other facilities of the Opole University of Technology is easy thanks to public transport (bus stops are right next to the first campus). Opole itself is so communication-friendly city that you can easily cover the distance between individual buildings by bike or scooter.

As for the dormitories themselves – there are nearly 1,300 places in four buildings: Zyzgak, Zaścianek, Sokrates and Pryzma, which is currently undergoing a comprehensive renovation. In the building adjacent to the student halls of residence located at Mikołajczyka Street, there is a canteen and a Student Service Center.

There are numerous grocery stores, restaurants and even a disco near the dormitories.