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Gdzie jesteś: Strona główna / Student life

Student life

The most colorful accent of student life is the Piastonalia in May, during which students take over the city in a colorful procession. Piastonalia are also very popular among the elderly inhabitants of Opole – it is the time of concerts of well-selected bands and musicians, an offer where everyone can find time for themselves.

What to do during the remaining months of the year? There is no place for boredom in Opole. If you have an artistic flair, you can join the crew of our brass band or choir. Both projects are very well known in our region – the orchestra performs in unusual places such as a train or a barge, and the choir setting accompanies, for example, the unveiling of the stars in the Avenue of the Stars of the Polish Song Festival. Recently, five singers chose to study at the Opole University of Technology precisely because of the choir, and among the singers themselves friendships were made, couples joined and married.

If you don’t like singing or playing, but you have a technical flair, you will surely find yourself in one of the 35 scientific circles operating at the polytechnic and who knows, maybe you will design something of the rank of our famous Mars rover Kameleon?